VitrA Flexibel Voeg WD 5kg - Zilvergrijs

  • VitrA Flexibel Voeg WD 5kg - Zilvergrijs

VitrA Flex WD Voeg 5KG - Zilvergrijs

VitrA Fix FLEX 0-3 mm
Flexible, silicone additive grouting material

Cement based, silicone additive and flexible grouting material for all porous or non porous tiles for joints from 0 to 3 mm. It’s suitable to use on internal and external walls and floors. Provides easy application and crackles surfaces. Resistant to UV and outdoor conditions. Especially recommended for glass tiles and rectified tiles.

Areas of use
Suitable for use in internal and external areas, vertical and horizontal grouting applications. Ideal for pools, terraces and wet areas with improved water repellency feature. Particularly suitable for applications onto heated floors and wide floors with high flexibility feature. It is particularly suitable for glass mosaic, glass tile, rectified tile and granite tile applications.

10-20 kg kraft sacks (pallets 1000 and 1200 kg)
5 kg polyethilen bags (pallets 720 kg)

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