VitrA S30 Egalisatie poeder 25KG

  • VitrA S30 Egalisatie poeder 25KG
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VitrA Egalisatiemortel 25KG

VitrA Fix S 30

Fiber reinforced, self leveling compound (4-30 mm thickness)

VitrA Fix S30 is suitable for all public and private premises where heavy traffic is requiring a finish covering such as ceramic tiles, carpets, plastic tiles or coverings, wooden flooring and their suitable adhesives. Thickness from 4 mm. to 30 mm. interior floor applications available on old tiles, special floor paints, asphalt bases, particle board flooring, wooden, parquet flooring, cement mortar screed, concrete etc. It contains fiber for crackless application. According to weather conditions, setting time changes between 6-8 hours.

Areas of use
Suitable for use in internal areas as a flooring screed. It is used for leveling purposes for thicknesses of 4 mm to 30 mm. It forms a smooth substrate prior to the application of covering materials (tile, carpet, parquet, PVC, vinyl, epoxy and polyurethane coatings, and etc.). It should not be used in areas exposed to humidity and water.


25 kg kraft sacks (80x110x100 cm pallets - 48 sacks - Total 1200 kg)


1,5-2 kg/m2 for 1mm thickness



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